Auto Focus Head

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Auto Focus Head

Complete Head Assembly

Part No. Reference Description
PLMDL0010 924694 Motor-Driven Non-Contact Head, 5.0" / 7.5" FL (1.5" / 2.0" Dia. Lens)
PLMDL0017 912825 Motor-Driven Non-Contact Head, Left Hand Configuration

Note: The complete Auto Focus Head assembly is not available for sale from Laser Mech RPS.
This number is provided for reference only.

Head Sub-Assembly

Item Part No. Reference Description
1 PLCON0025   Connector Assembly - PLMDL0010
1* PLCON0026   90 Degree Connector Assembly - PLMDL0017
2 PLEMS0018 924742 Empty Manifold Seal
2A PLMSR0012 912777 Manifold Seal Ring
2B PLAJS0015   Locking Screw – Front Adjusting Lens Holder
Lens Holders
3 PLALH0088 924709 1.5" Lens Holder
3A PLLRN0002 909320 1.5" Lens Retainer Nut
3B PLLOR0001 912778 1.5" Lens O-ring
3C PLLSR0001 909321 1.5" Lens Seal Ring
3D PLMSR0012 912777 Manifold Seal Ring
3E PLAJS0003   Lens Adjuster Screw – 1.75"
3F PLAJS0015   Locking Screw – Front Adjusting Lens Holder
4 PLALH0089 924710 2.0" Lens Holder
4A PLLRN0023   2.0" Lens Retainer Nut
4B PLLOR0002 922487 2.0" Lens O-ring
4C PLLSR0003 922474 2.0" Lens Seal Ring
4D PLMSR0012 912777 Manifold Seal Ring
4E PLAJS0003   Lens Adjuster Screw – 1.75"
4F PLAJS0015   Locking Screw – Front Adjusting Lens Holder
5 PLLAB0003   Vertical Scale
6 PLMOR0001   O-ring for Tip Adapter Flange
Capacitive Tip Assembly Components
7 PLTRA0346 923257 Tip Assembly With Shield (See Item 8 for details)
7A PLSLD0002 923381 Rapid Pierce Shield
8 PLTRA0328   Height Sensing Tip Without Shield
8A PLTRA0159 923843 Top-Threaded Retainer Ring
8B PLSCR0016   4-40 x 0.25" SHSS
8C PLISR0009 923631 Copper-Lined Insulator Hub
8D PLFRK0011 923411 Field Repair Kit
8E PLTOR0007   Tip Assembly O-ring
8F PLTRA0321 923021 Tip Retainer Nut
8G PLTRA0163 925284 Tip Retainer Nut for High Capacitance Nozzles (Not Shown)
8H PLGJT0039 909660 0.060" Orifice Non-Contact Nozzle
Click here for a complete listing of nozzles.
9 PLHDW0007   Ball-Style Tension Catch
9A PLSCR0048   4-40 x 0.125" FHCS
10 PLSWK0017   Magnetic Door Switch Assembly

Additional Tools & Accessories (Not Shown)

Part No. Reference Description
PLFRK0036   MDL0010 Ball Screw Assembly Kit
PLLIT0017 925210 1.5" / 2.0" Lens Insertion Tool
PLSPW0018 923890-X Tip Spanner Wrench
PLTTW0002 909654/922686 Tip Transformer Wire – 4.5" Long (White)
PLTTW0015 842951 Tip Transformer Wire – 5.5" Long (Brown)
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Rental heads and repair service available upon request.